Birthday Party

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Birthday Party with INDOOR PARK and bounce house

Pearl Court Activity Center is offering an Indoor Park and bounce house for you and your kids’ birthday parties! Take advantage of our full-sized gym, which offers plenty of space for you and your friends to exercise on one side of the building while your kids play on the other side.

We have the ability to divide our gymnasium with a curtain, creating two separate exercise areas. The kids’ side will have indoor play equipment on one side, while adults will be able to do aerobics, practice yoga or shoot hoops on their side. This is the perfect arrangement for play dates!


Pearl Court Indoor Park and Bounce House Birthday Party
Session lasts two (2) hours


Pearl Court Activity Center
1425 NW 16th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209


The Pearl Court is available for parties at the following times:
MWF: 8am-12pm, 8pm-10pm
TTh: 12pm-3pm
Saturday: 3pm – 10pm
Sunday: 8am – 10pm
Your reservation has not been confirmed until you call or text and confirm the court’s availability!  503-309-3957

Regular Price

$230 for Court Rental only (we can provide basketballs and dodge balls)
$20 for Each Bounce House.  We have the four pictured above, and each holds between 5-10 children.


*If you bring only birthday cake and water, there will be a $35 clean-up fee.
*If you bring more food and drinks in addition to birthday cake and water, the clean-up fee will be $75.
*Please pick up your trash after your birthday party.

We are excited to help you plan that special birthday. Let’s Get Started:

Check the calendar below for availability and then fill out the reservation form. Please allow for at least one hour in between parties for cleaning.  Please only submit a reservation through the form once.  To make a reservation by phone, call 503-309-3957.

Also, check out more party hosting options at our SE location at the MONKEY KING PLAY HOUSE